Friday, June 3, 2011

Shatters! Crackles! && Blasted! Oh My! (updated)

I think many will agree that we are on a shatter, crackle, and blasted overload. They are now made by just about every brand: OPI, China Glaze, Sephora by OPI, Nicole by OPI, Color Club, and even Sally Hansen. Geesh! They are taking over the world!

I now own OPI's black, white, navy blue, and silver shatters. I have China Glaze's purple, pink, white, and baby blue shatters. I blogged about them in previous posts. I just purchased Gold Blasted by Sephora by OPI. Personally, I don't have a favorite brand. I believe they are have a similar formula. They all dry very fast, so you must close the cap on them between polishing your fingers. They all will thicken up probably before you are even halfway through the bottle. Use a polish thinner. I purchased mine from Sally's Beauty Supply. I believe it was $3 or $4. Use NO MORE than 3 drops in the polish and roll it well between your hands. They should revive your polish. You can do this with any of your polishes : )

**Important tips** When using the silver shatter, use 2 thin coats!!! It will apply better, and shatter correctly. And, when wiping the access polish from your brush, try to do inside the bottle to lessen the gunk that builds up in the top of the bottle.

Before removing my Mermaid Tears I decided to try out my new shatters. The top coat is Seche Vite.

I definitely recommend using the silver and gold shatter under darker colors so there is more contrast. The gold shatter is very sheer, I'm sure it would look great over a deep or even bright red, black, or navy.   I am in love with the navy shatter, probably more than I should be. It would look adorable over a baby pink or yellow. Oh the possibilities! I think I need to have the red and lighter blue in my collection. And I should just order two of know, just in case : )

So for some reason my gold blasted pic will not post, hmmmm....i'll try them in a different post. 

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