Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to remove pesky polishes...

I am a huge fan of glitter polishes (Teenage Dream and Bring on the Bling from OPI's Burlesque Collection are my favorites), but they are a pain to remove. The glitter is either all over your fingers or stuck to nail causing you to scrape it off. So I came across a couple of tips.
1. Use acetone (but it's still kind of difficult to remove)
2. Right before removing polish on a top coat, the glitter should adhere to the top coat making it easier, I haven't tried this yet.
3. The best method....the foil method! It makes you look like a creature from outter space, but it works. You put nail polish remover on a cotton ball (I used pure acetone) and set it on your nail. Next, you take a strip of foil (that you already pre-cut) and wrap around the cotton ball. I do all fingers on one hand before moving on to the next. You can leave it on for about three minutes, then you move the cotton ball around to get any traces of polish. And voila! The polish is all gone!

Manicurist of Seville

I decided to get a manicure today, because my cuticles were looking a little rough. I bought with me OPI's Manicurist of Seville (from the Espana Collection I believe). Its raspberry, and very shiny almost like a sorbet or jelly. Its very pretty in the sunlight. In the bottle, the color is a little dustier, but not on the nail. The problem with reds for me is that they seem to darken a few shades after a while. Or maybe its just me.

Do You Lilac It?

I seen a swatch of OPI's Do You Lilac, and immediately knew I had to have it. Purple nail polishes are my favorite and this was not exception. Its a bright, soft purple and looks beautiful. I'm def going to wear this this spring and summer!
The photo is very true to the color!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

OPI Shatter

Yayyy I finally got my nails to shatter properly. When I first tried my shatter they were not spreading as much as I like, and I finally figured out a solution. You are usually not supposed to shake bottles or nail polish, but roll them between your palms. Well with the shatter you need to shake the bottle. Sometimes after you paint a few fingers, shake the bottle a few more times. Also, use a generous amount of polish. Not enough so polish is dripping everywhere though. Hard to explain, but just dip the brush in the bottle and just wipe the side of the brush you're not using against the top of the bottle when you're pulling it out.

I used my black shatter over one of my new favorites...Teenage Dream!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Deja's Polish Pick

I am my child's mother. When I was sitting my bed the other day, she sat next to me, pulled out this nail file and started filing all her little nails right over my pillow. Gotta love her! So on to her polish pick. Deja chose Shower Together by China Glaze and the Gold Sparkle top coat from Sephora by OPI. My daughter is a glitter hag! Lol and here's her little toesies!

Sally Hansen Stick on Nail Polish

So I FINALLY got around to trying these! I bought them from Ulta for about nine dollars. I bought the houndstooth design. They also come in faux lace, denim, flowers, other animal prints, other cool designs, and neon solid colors. They are actually really easy to put on. It comes with 16 peel off polishes, a wooden stick, and a buffer. First, you push back your cuticles with the small wooden stick, then go over with remover to clean off any access dirt. Then you size up your nails with the peel offs, and you're ready to go! You peel them off, then stick on your nail just a teeny tiny bit above the cuticle. If its over your cuticle it will stick up a little. You then gently lay them over your nail, try to avoid air bubbles or creases. The edge then should hang over your real nail, and you can just file that off in a vertical motion. It took me about fifteen minutes total (while being distracted watching Glee).

I believe the box says they can last a week. On me that didn't happen. I put them on Monday, and its Wednesday and I'm taking them off. They started chipping really bad at the ends...and I hate chipped nails, so they have to go! But they do not peel off, once they're on, they're on. They come in pretty designs and I received lots of compliments. I would only get them again for a special occasion. Since they are made of real nail polish they come off with just nail polish remover.

I have pics of the day I put them on (first) and today, to show the slight chipping after two days. And I did scratch my hair when washing it, but when doing the dishes and cleaning I wore gloves (as always to try and keep my polish looking freshly applied).