Friday, June 3, 2011

Miami Style Post

I recently took a trip to Miami, and had a ball! What's better than waking up && going straight to the beautiful beach every morning? I tend not to tan that much, but when I do, I get more of a bronzy, golden glow than darker. I personally think it's gorgeous. To accent your tan I recommend using a MAC Bronzer (from here) . You can use this and skip the blush, or add golden shimmer to highlight.

Me (the left) and my friend Kathryne went out one night in Miami showing off our personal style. She described her look as Amazon Princess. To achieve this look style your hair naturally, and not in a real "style". A dark lip also gave this look more mystery. As always, the jewelry can make or break your outfit. Carol's Daughter has great products for naturally curly hair, which I recommended her to purchase from Sephora earlier that day.
My look was more Native American Princess. I took two twists and pinned to the back. I wet my hair earlier that day swimming, and while they were drying I put them in two braids to create soft waves. I didn't use much makeup, but heavy mascara to give attention to my eyes. A nude lipgloss, with some shimmer, is great for a natural face. I personally think we looked really cute!

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  1. you look grown.
    you are hot.
    i wish unc could have seen you this day.